Willingly Uncomfortable

Being on the phone has always been a source of anxiety for me. I remember in one of the neighborhoods I lived in growing up, they thought it was an adorable idea to have all the younger kids call everyone to remind them about the church Christmas party. I hated it. I loathed it. I’m pretty sure I even cried until I was given the shortest list possible, while still being somewhat fair to the other kids.

The summer after my freshman year of college I had a job at a call center. For 2 days. 2 Days. I woke up on the second day with so much anxiety that after my shift I went into my supervisor’s office and quit.


If you had told me that I would grow up to work a job that I loved but that required me to constantly be on the phone, I would probably have cried. I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be, but I still get anxious when I answer the phone or have to make a call at work. It’s hard for me. I remember being asked in my interview if I was comfortable on the phone to which of course I answered yes. But I knew it wasn’t totally true. I have the ability to be on the phone and sound comfortable. It’s also something I was willing to do in order to get this job, because I believe my job matters and something silly like phone anxiety is worth pushing through in order to do what I love.

My point is sometimes, in order to get to something greater, we have to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We have to be willing to be vulnerable. We have to learn to grow and to bend and to be UNCOMFORTABLE! Yes, willingly be uncomfortable.


If nothing else, this post is really just me talking to myself. I have other areas in my life that I know I need to allow myself to be more vulnerable in order to grow and while I’m still working on it, I know I’m not as close to being where I want to be in those other areas.

But I’m trying. It may not seem like much, but I’m already much more comfortable on the phone than I was even 6 months ago. The things I’ve learned about myself and about life in the last year have given me more courage and more willingness to try something new, to agree to things I would never have agreed upon before.


I’m a work in progress. I don’t like to be outside my comfort zone (I don’t think most people do) but I’m finding areas in my life where I’m willing to step out….even just a teeny bit. As I’ve moved, changed jobs and have had to meet a lot of new people, I’m constantly uncomfortable but in the process becoming even just a little more comfortable. Even if that difference is only obvious to me.


How have you step out of your comfort zone recently?


22 thoughts on “Willingly Uncomfortable

  1. It’s so hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. I try really hard, but I think most of us like to do what we we know, and not try new things. I really, really want to move within the next few years, and I’m hopeful I’ll have the courage to do so but that will really make me step outside my comfort zone! Talking on the phone is not something that bothers me, but there’s a whole other long list of things that do! Congratulations to you for trying to step out of that comfort zone! It takes a lot of courage!

  2. I’m generally very outgoing, but this week, I have to step out of comfort zone and I’m stressing a bit. This is a great reminder that I will be fine!

  3. I have the same phone anxiety. I even worked at a call center before too, but I lasted longer than you. TWO WEEKS. I hated every second of it, and often called friends and family to look busy because I was so nervous.

    It’s a much needed reminder to push myself out of my comfort zone even when the feeling of dread and fear are overwhelming.

  4. I LOVE to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’ve found that it is when I have the best experiences and learn the most! ā¤

  5. I despise being on the phone. I could never handle a call center.

    I am out of my comfort zone a lot lately. Little man in school means that I am meeting new people and doing new things and while I’m enjoying it, it’s definitely been tough for me to come out of my shell.

  6. I like being out of my comfort zone! Does that mean that I don’t have one then? You have the most interesting life experiences when you step out of your comfort zone. I would say that I’m currently out of my comfort zone in the dating world. I’m dating a guy I REALLY like and we’re going through without “definitions.” I love the newness and the excitement that comes with our growing relationship, but it’s scary to not really know where we stand. I think that’s kind of the fun. I know he likes me, too, so that’s reassuring, but it’s still not “comfortable”! I’m having fun though, and I’m happy, so that’s all that matters, right?

  7. I’ll bet it’s hard to be on the phone all day without the chance to wander around. I like to walk and talk. I HATE being on the phone, and I have social anxiety…I have to overcome it every day to teach. It’s so weird how much I can love something that makes me do something terrifying daily haha.

  8. I can totally relate! I’m a pretty extreme introvert and working with people makes me anxious, and someone I have a job where I work with students all day! It was really scary at first, but I love what I do and can really see how far I’ve come by pushing myself to be uncomfortable!

  9. I have to answer the phone all day at work. When I get home and the phone rings I literally cringe. I do enough tasks all day at work out of my comfort zone, so home is my place where no one can make me šŸ™‚

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