We’re so studious

Hey there!

Just a quick hello from Utah State University! My cousin has a paper due tonight, so we decided to use the academic environment here on campus to inspire her 🙂 Doesn’t she look just like a college student? Fitting in so well already.


This morning we drove up in time to meet my siblings and go to a weekly devotional and hear an amazing talk on having hope and using personal prayer time to come closer to our Heavenly Father. Great start to the day!

We then grabbed a quick lunch, I showed her off to some of my favorite people on campus and then we had an official campus tour. We then ran around and talked to a couple different advising offices (it really is soo hard to pick just one major/area of interest!) and have now been in the library working away. Well, she’s been working, I’ve been reading blogs. Same thing right? I figure I’ve already done my time writing papers. I can blog now 🙂

Hope your Friday is going great! Tonight we’re going to an Aggie Basketball Game (life changing) and then to “clean the sink at Angie’s”. Can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!


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