Aggies Beat USC and Cleaning the Sink

Holy cow. Last night was! Totally took me back to the good ol’ college days and my time with Aggie Basketball. It was basically a second job with how much time I devoted to it. So fun to share it with my brother, sister and cousin last night!

Random interjection: As I was sitting in the library last night, I looked out the window and saw this man RUNNING on those attached stilt things. I have no idea why but it looked like something out of a movie. I mean, I guess it’s handy to have those around when you need to be an extra foot taller and run around campus like Inspector Gadget.


After my cousin finished her paper, we had a little bit of time before the game, so we headed to Cafe Rio for a quick bite. Since she’s from California, we had to make sure to get some Cafe Rio in her belly while she was in Utah.


Then we were off to the game! My siblings were nice enough to save us seats in the student section so that our cousin could have the full Aggie experience. The game was so fun! Everyone did great! The team did well, the crowd was going nuts with energy, I haven’t seen that good of a game in a while.


The Spectrum (basketball arena) is known for being one of the best home court advantages…anywhere! The student section is a huge part of that. One of the things we’re known for is heckling the other team and trying to distract them while they shoot free throws. Last night, the students decided on a “Men at Twerk” theme. Hilarious!


In the end, the Aggies beat USC and we were one happy, tired bunch! And no, I don’t know why I look like I just got my wisdom teeth out. That doesn’t even make sense since I’ve never even had wisdom teeth. True story. My dentist told me I’m more highly evolved.


After the game, we headed to Angie’s for the legendary cleaning of the sink! It’s a kitchen sink FILLED with ice cream, with two bananas, and topped with your choice of 3 toppings. We got Oreo, peanut butter cups and chocolate sauce. This thing is no joke.


We ended up needing to recruit some help (luckily everyone goes to Angie’s after games, so we knew people who were super willing to help us out) and we finished! Sink = Cleaned! This was the first time either of my siblings had cleaned the sink also, so I was very happy to be there during this important rite of passage for all three of these guys.


Now we’re off to experience more Aggie life! Have a great Saturday!!

Favorite college sport to watch?

Favorite ice cream toppings?

Saturday plans??


6 thoughts on “Aggies Beat USC and Cleaning the Sink

  1. That Cafe Rio looks delicious! If you ever come visit me I’ll take you to a delicious place called Neato Burrito – yum yum yum

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