Time Well Spent

Since I’ve moved to my new place the last month and a half, I’ve noticed a difference in the way I spend my time. Even just a few months ago, my evenings were spent at home a lot (not a bad thing!)  but this was because my time was scheduled a lot around TV shows. I’m not opposed to TV at all. I love it and I definitely have my favorite shows that I love to catch up on. I even like to have something playing to listen to while I get ready in the morning. However, it was too much and it was cutting into time that could have been better spent. Now, I’m constantly doing something and my time is spent doing…

More reading (love!)

More service (I want to find more to do!)

More temple worship, scripture study, and drawing closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior

More family time, especially compared to the college years when I lived further from most of my family

More connecting with and meeting new people (esp. blends!)

More reconnecting with old friends

More willingness to try new things

It’s been wonderful! I didn’t even notice until a couple of weeks ago that I was getting really behind on shows that I used to keep up on…and I didn’t care! It’s crazy how I haven’t tried to watch less TV, but just by doing more of other things I now have less time for it. I think it’s fantastic!best quotes on living life (2) My life is so much more full than it used to be. I’m happier. My roommates comment on how I’m rarely home and that used to be such a rare thing for me. I want to live my life with no regrets. Or at least as few of them as possible. I have so much that I want to do! Short list:

  • Get this blog remodeled and working at a little higher caliber than it is right now
  • Go on more trips: Boston, California, Arizona, NC, Harry Potter World, Europe! Ok, I need to make more money for those.
  • Travel for races, too!
  • Expand my knowledge on health topics to be a better coach
  • Get my ACE Health Coach certification on top of the one from work
  • Work toward a 1:45 PR for my next half and pick my next marathon
  • Make time to volunteer at a children’s hospital


Don’t get me wrong, I like my days at home when I don’t do a whole lot, too. I love chilling and watching a movie or some TV shows and recharging my batteries. But right now I’m also loving all the experiencing that I’m taking part in. I’m learning and growing in ways that I never have before and I love it. I want the majority of my time to be spent doing things that will make me a better person or improve the life of someone else. Because that, my friends, is time well spent.

Life is good. I’m a really lucky girl.

Do you like how you spend the majority of your time?

What would you change about how you spend your time?

Favorite activity coming up this week??


9 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. These are great goals! I also want to redesign my blog but I just don’t know coding or have the budget to hire someone to do it =(

    I need to read more too, I’ve been slacking! I’ve gotten into the habit of getting home and laying in bed and watching a show on my laptop until bedtime lol. My goal is to read Catching Fire before the new Hunger Games movie comes out next weekend!

  2. During the week we spend our nights in relaxing with reading, TV, talking, cooking, etc and on the weekend we are go go go! I like the nice mix 🙂

  3. I definitely could take a lesson out of this post… I love my home/tv time. I think that mainly has to do with the fact that I am a grad student who is constantly worrying/thinking about studying and school, so to give myself 1 hour bliss to zone out on a dumb show, I love it. Also, I live alone, and I like the noise of the news in the background 🙂
    BUT… I totally agree to your list of “goals” and living life and carpe-dieming life! 🙂
    you will totally get a 1:45!! NO DOUBT!!!
    …and Marathon race shopping is my favorite thing 🙂 let me know which one you choose! I am searching for one too!!

  4. Those are all great goals!

    I love TV too, but I also thought I was devoting too much of my nights to sitting and staying on top of my shows. I cut down a lot of what I was watching this year and couldn’t be happier to NOT feel weighed down by them.

    I’m looking forward to going wedding dress shopping tonight with my baby sister! We went once last month and she didn’t find her dress, so we’re hitting a second store tonight.

  5. Yay! I love reading this 🙂 It makes me so happy to know you are happy! I have actually been really far behind on a lot of shows.. some I didn’t even start this season! But that’s because I’m doing things, too, and now just sitting at home. There are still some I watch when I work out or whatever, but other’s I just don’t even care to be behind right now. I have to say that the winter totally makes me want to do nothing at night, though 😦 Need to work on that!

  6. You know that you could do the travel/race thing here, right? We’ve got plenty of room in the house, there’s some nice, off the beaten path things to see in the area, and since you train at altitude, running at sea level here would be a nice boost.

    Here are the usual events: http://www.chicorunningclub.org/ http://www.runforfood.com/ https://www.raceplanner.com/register/info/Habitat_Home_Run and many other smaller ones.

    Pick one with enough planning time and let’s get you here!

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