STGR Truth Tuesday

My wonderful friend Kelsey Keller Weller (true story, that’s her name and I have to say the whole thing whenever I refer to her) does a thing on her blog “A Little Bird Told Me” called Truth Tuesday. I thought I would give it a go and see what happens. (p.s. check out Kelsey KW’s recent post “#myhusbandisbetterthanyours”. Amazing)

See This Girl Run’s Truth Tuesday

  • I put up a link to my personal Facebook to the day’s post every day and yet I forget that people I know read my blog. Last night a friend referenced my blog and it totally caught me off guard.
  • I’m also always a little embarrassed that people I know in non-blog life read my blog. Obviously it’s here to be read, but it makes me feel a little shy.
  • I don’t like to play team sports. I’m not that good at any of them and I’m super competitive. Bad combo. Hence, I run.
  • I have one last step for transferring my blog to Blue Host and I can’t figure it out. Something about a DNS. Someone please help me.
  • Every day I say I need to go to bed earlier and every day I fail. Then I end up sleeping in instead of working out a couple mornings a week just to catch up on sleep.
  • I wash my  hair every other day. But last week I went 3 days without washing it. Oops.
  • I took this quiz to see if I was left brained or right brained. I always knew I was left brained but holy moly!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 12.12.58 AM

  • I have the coolest friends ever. One of the took a Harry Potter quiz to see which character they are and then we all had to take it and spent last night on Twitter discussing our results. Mine makes sense because another quiz also put me in Gryffindor. and yeah, apparently my friends and family are into quizzes lately and I’m just a trend follower. Maybe we’re not that cool…

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.17.29 PM

  • I never used to get a head rush from standing up too quickly (you know when you get really dizzy and light headed?) but now it happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. I might be broken.
  • My roommate knocks on my door every night before going to bed and we end up chatting longer than we should. I love it.

What are your truths today?

Left brained or Right brained?


24 thoughts on “STGR Truth Tuesday

  1. Haha I love this! I always forget people could be reading my blog and I don’t know. Some of my friends will say “oh I read that on your blog” and it always catches me off guard, every time they say it!

    I always get the head rush you are talking about, but turns out it’s low blood pressure. Have you ever gotten yours tested? Or has anyone every commented? There’s nothing really to do for it other than be careful standing up. it happens to me every time and I hate it! I will just be standing there waiting until i can see again haha

    I don’t do sports. And when I sub for different grades, they always ask me about it. my answer is, I run. That’s never good enough to them and they ask if I’m on track, or so on. Makes me laugh, ha. I just was never into the group sport thing.

    I’m definitely left brain. Oh geez, big time.

    • Isn’t it funny how that works? haha
      Interesting! I actually had issues with my blood pressure being too high earlier this year. I know it’s come down a lot but I never thought it would be too low. I should test it.
      haha I always respond the same way when people ask if I play any sports. Why doesn’t everyone count it like we do??
      Left brains unite!

  2. Yay I got Hermione too!!! I was irrationally afraid that I was going to get someone terrible. But I am totally right brained. Only a teeny tiny party left brained. Are you doing the Cottonwood Heights Turkey trot?

  3. I get shy when people reference my blog, too! I always forget that people I know read it…so when they want to talk about something, it catches me off guard, too. Truth Tuesday: Today has been one of those days where I’ve cried 4 times before noon. Gotta love being stressed out!! Another truth: I think I’m lactose intolerant… yesterday and today, every time I’ve had dairy (I tried really hard to avoid it today, but forgot my dressing had it in there) I’ve felt nauseous. I think that means I had too much of it this weekend. Oops!

  4. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I used to be a daily washer but my hairs gotten soooooo much healthier now that its perpetually dirty. Attractive, right?! I tell myself to go to bed earlier every night and every night I’m up later and later 😦 fail.

  5. Love this 🙂 I was super right-brained on the quiz, which I thought meant logical but actually means the opposite, so I was not at ALL surprised! I wash my hair every 2-3 days but sometimes go 4 if I haven’t run lately.

    Aaand I’m scared to take the HP quiz in case I don’t get Hermione or McGonagal!

  6. Oh I totally understand about the whole blog thing. It is always weird when my friends/family say, “hey I read your blog the other day ……”. I sometimes forget that the people in my life actually read it.

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