So Bitter Sweet

I have some bitter sweet news for all of you. Two items of bitter sweet news in fact.

#1: My grill gave up the ghost last week. It was a sad day. I thought maybe it was a mistake but then my roommate tried to use it and it didn’t work. It’s officially gone.


The sweet part of this is that a couple of years ago my parents bought me a George Foreman grill not knowing my aunt had given me the one above. So I have a back up and I’m so excited to use my still new grill!

#2: My orchid plant lost its last flower last night. I came home and there it was…lying on the floor. So sad.


I have a friend who is studying horticulture so she helped me know how to take care of it and cut it so that it can bloom again in a few weeks! So that’s the sweet part of that. New flowers coming right up! Until then, it looks like I just have a couple of sticks in a pot. haha

I saw this meme and it made me laugh. Sooo true! Poor Thanksgiving sure gets looked over. I love it though! Haters gonna hate.


Yesterday I got in a great 4 miles and then a 12 min ab circuit. Felt sooo great!!

So good news! Well, just for me. Last night my friend asked me if I wanted to come to her company’s early screening of “Catching Fire” tonight!! Ah! And it’s at 7 pm which is the best ever! In college, my group of friends were really into midnight movies and it was exhausting. I’ve just never been a night owl. So tonight, 7 pm I am seeing “Catching Fire”. For free. Plus since it’s a company thing, it would be disgustingly packed with annoying teenage girls. How did I get so lucky?

What are you up to today?

Please tell me you like Thanksgiving.

Any bitter sweet news on your end?


17 thoughts on “So Bitter Sweet

  1. That meme is 100% accurate and exactly how I feel. I was in the grocery store on Sunday and Christmas music came on. I got so mad (quite possibly a bit of an over-reaction LOL) and said to my sister, ‘We haven’t even started shopping for Thanksgiving food yet!’


  2. I’m with you, I hate mid night movies! They are fun, but I get sooo tired the next day. Have fun at the premier!!!!

  3. Please tell me why pumpkin ice cream is replaced by peppermint and eggnog the day after Halloween. NOVEMBER IS THE PERFECT TIME FOR PUMPKIN ICE CREAM. Luckily I found some yesterday at whole foods, but c’mon man!

  4. I have only been to like…2 midnight showings ((Harry Potter and Star Wars haha)) and it was miserable because I was SO TIRED!!
    a 7pm movie is perfect. Gosh so jealous! have a great time! Let meknow how it is! my mom and I plan on going Saturday… probably a matinee, lets be honest 😉


    and thanksgivingis one of my favorite holidays of the year!! love love love!

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