#Elf4Health Meatless Monday

Today is the start of #Elf4Health! (try saying it out loud. I can’t. Literally I stumble EVERY time!) I’m sure if you’re reading many other blogs you’ve heard of it before now. I saw the button on other blogs and finally investigated it and decided to join in! It’s a 4 week health and wellness challenge with a different challenge every day. Today we start it off with Meatless Monday! This wouldn’t be too bad normally but today we’re going to dinner for a friend’s birthday and my favorite dish at the restaurant of course involves meat. But that’s why it’s a challenge right??

Part of the fun of #Elf4Health is that you get paired with another participant to be each other’s “elf” and encourage each other along the way. My elf for the first two weeks is Matt from Runner Savvy. Feel free to pop over to his blog or send him an encouraging tweet (@metabor89)!

Here’s a list of the challenges so you can see what I’ll be doing each day. I love that some of the challenges just revolve around being a better person or clearing some stress from your life.


If you’re interested in joining in for the 2nd half (you all totally should!), you can register here. It’s free, it’s fun and so far there are about 800 participants. How cool is that?!

For Meatlesss Monday, I’ll be having old fashion oats with brown sugar and berries for breakfast, greek yogurt, PB&J with an apple for lunch and then we’ll see what I end up being able to find at the restaurant tonight for dinner. Hooray for challenges that keep life interesting!

On a totally  unrelated note, I finally put up my decorations in my room last night, with Deborah’s help. Yup, after almost 2 months of living here, I have finally unpacked everything. It’s a great feeling. Plus my room is cute now. Another unrelated note, I foam rolled my quads and IT bands after barre the other night and those were the only parts of me that weren’t sore yesterday. I’m a new believer in the foam roller!! I’m putting one of those on my Christmas wish list…(ahem…Mom…I mean, Santa) 😉

Have a lovely Monday!!! Even if you’re not doing  the first round of #Elf4Health, feel free to join me in Meatless Monday today!

Anyone else doing #Elf4Health? What are you eating today?

Looking at the calendar above, which would be the most challenging day for you?

What’s the longest you’ve lived in a new place before being completely unpacked?


13 thoughts on “#Elf4Health Meatless Monday

  1. I’m thinking the 100 burpees are going to be hardest for me! I participated – maybe I should say “participated” – last year, but didn’t really try to do the challenges. I for sure am going to try this year!

  2. I moved into my new place in July and I still haven’t completely finished unpacking, haha!

    I’m doing Elf4Health, too!!! I’m really excited

  3. Did you end up liking your meatless dish? I think that was the first time I’ve ever gone meatless, and it was kind of awesome! I don’t know that I could do it all the time though!

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