Tree is up and we are cultured

Hey guys! How were all of your Thanksgivings?? Mine was wonderful. There was lots of fun and family time to be had, so I’ll just post some (ok many) pictures and keep the captions short…mostly.

Did my own Turkey Trot.


After dinner with our immediate family, went and spent time with extended family.


View from my grandparents’ back deck = Awesome


Cousins are the best


Time to put up the Christmas tree!


Brother wouldn’t give phone back…


We reconciled and took a picture together with the tree. I have a sister…she wasn’t so into the pictures…


The Christmas tree is completed. Love it! Our decorations all have a meaning and were collected throughout the years.


We’re not Jewish but my parents have always thought it cool to light a menorah, ever since the year they decided to make us more cultured and teach us about Hanukkah.


Normally, I would go back to work today but I took the day off because my uncle is getting married today! Hooray! I’m sure there will be lots of pictures to show you tomorrow 🙂

How was your Thanksgiving?

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Anyone celebrating Hanukkah??


11 thoughts on “Tree is up and we are cultured

  1. I hope you have fun at the wedding!

    This is the first year in my apartment with my sister, so I’m really excited to buy a tree! I think we are planning on getting one this week and I can’t wait!

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