Some Yoga, a Wedding and a Basketball game

Yesterday started off with a little morning yoga in the living room with my roommate. I was super tight so it felt awesome to stretch everything out!


Next up was a beautiful wedding ceremony where there were lots of smiles, happy tears and I gained a new aunt and 2 new cousins. (photo cred to my sister)



The night time festivities started with a quick, chilly walk around Temple Square to kill time before the basketball game.


Then a Jazz game against the Sun’s where they gave us over sized green shirts (for the green out of course). Also, if you smile super cheesy, it makes up for the poor quality of the phone picture.


Just about as nose bleeds as you can get! haha But still super fun! 


Grateful for the fun time I’ve had to spend with my cousins and siblings this weekend. And no, our family cannot take even one totally serious picture. Not even at the wedding..


Completed yesterday’s #Elf4Health water drinking and tracking challenge. Easy Peasy! 



Today’s challenge is to treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a while. Hmmmm…this will be tricky to narrow down 😉 

If you could treat yourself to something today (or if you are for #elf4heath!) what would you get for yourself?

Last professional sports even you went to?

How many cousins do you have? Yesterday’s additions brought us up to 46 total!


8 thoughts on “Some Yoga, a Wedding and a Basketball game

  1. Last professional game that I went to was the Angels-Red Sox on my birthday! One of the saddest things about living so far from home is not getting to see my teams as often as when I am home. It was such a treat that the Sox were in town on my birthday!

  2. I have like… 4 cousins haha no joke!! I always wished I had more and that we were all besties who lived happily ever after!!
    Last professional game I went to was English Premier League Soccer this summer when Chealsea FC played Inter Milan!! Super fun!!! I love soccer!
    And you look gorgeous in those pictures!!! Love the matching shirts 🙂

    • 4?? Wow! Yeah I love having lots of cousins, although I do wish I had some my age. Can’t have everything!
      I didn’t know you were a such a soccer fan! I learn something new every day.
      and thank you!! You’re the sweetest!!

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