Car Errands

I love productive Saturdays (if you haven’t been able to tell before!).

Yesterday I vacuumed and cleaned my room…somewhat. My room isn’t really messy but I do have some Christmas stuff lying around that still needs to be given a home.

Then I went for a nice 3 mile run. The air was terrible and I’m still trying to feel it out and see how far I can run without hurting my foot some more. It started to hurt a bit after mile 2 (great news when I have 13 to run in 5 weeks) but I came home and took some Ibuprofen and it was fine! I think I need to get really serious about icing it a lot and taking Ibuprofen every time I run. Oy.


Also, it was 25 degrees and somehow I dressed too warmly. Didn’t see that coming! I wore fleece lined leggings and it was too much. I need to save those for REALLY cold weather. But then again, I don’t really run outside when it’s much colder than 25 degrees. Hmm.

Then it was time to focus on my car. I went and got an oil change, put some new tires on (now I’ll be safer for the next snow storm! I told the guy to put on whatever I needed to not die. Seriously, that’s what I said. He laughed and I was serious. Also, longest parenthesis tangent ever), and they checked my battery because my car is having a hard time starting sometimes. It’s not the battery, so I have to go back for them to figure it out. Awesome. Then I went to ANOTHER car place to have a chip in my windshield fixed.


I read my first Oprah magazine and it was just fine. But then again, I was willing to read almost anything because I was there for about 1 hour and 40 mins. But who’s counting?

Right as I was getting ready to leave (I had my car in reverse!) this guy decided to park right behind me. Yup. I was in total shock. There was a lady in the car next to me who saw the whole thing and we just laughed about it together. He came back a couple of minutes later and moved. If I hadn’t been able to tell that his car was still running, I would definitely have gone and found him and made him move his car.


My evening was spent with my sister!…and I totally forgot to take any pictures with her. Oops. But anyway, we went to Zupas for dinner (yum!!) and then went to see Frozen. It was pretty cute and the music was great. I love Idina Menzel! If you haven’t seen it yet, you should probably change that.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

What did you do yesterday?

Do you prefer lazy or productive Saturdays?

What’s the last thing you had done on your car?


Cousin Time is Fun Time

Yesterday after work, I came home and did a quick 30 min Nike Training Club workout and then headed out the door to my cousins’!


We’ve been talking about having a Friends watching night for a long time and we actually had one planned a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn’t make it downtown due to a storm that came in that night. So last night we finally got together but of course we needed food, so we went to Pizzeria Limone.


I had never been there before. It’s not your usual pizza place. I like 2 of the 3 pizzas we got (they were small, don’t worry). I just couldn’t handle the lemon on the pizza. It was too much for me.


One of the fun things about watching Friends with two people who are just as obsessed with it as you are (maybe more so!) is that you can quote along with the show and nobody is annoyed at you. In fact, my cousin’s husband was quoting things I had never even noticed before! Talk about a fan!


We took a brief intermission to watch an episode of Legend of the Hidden Temple on Youtube because my cousin had never seen it before. I think she may have been too young for it when it was on the air. I LOVED this show growing up and always wanted to be on it! It was just as cool as I remembered and my cousin spent the rest of the night looking up other things about the show because she loved it so much.


Such a fun night! We’ll definitely be doing this again!

In other news, my Utah State Aggies won their bowl game for the 2nd year in a row for the first time EVER in program history! They even beat a ranked team. It’s always a good day to be an Aggie!


Hope you’re having a great and productive Saturday! I know I will!

Favorite Nickelodeon show growing up?

How have your teams done in their post-season games?

What are you up to today?

It’s Time…

It’s time to sign up for my next adventure. It’s time to go back to where this whole crazy adventure started…to the place where I rekindled the flame of my love for fitness, running and the amazing thing that is the human body. It’s time to go back to the place where Janae, Elizabeth and I became friends. It’s time to go back to the place where I decided to change my whole life. It’s time to go back to where I decided to start a blog and to run my first marathon.


You guys. It’s time to sign up for the She Runs: Run Like a Girl Retreat. It’s an all women’s running/fitness retreat in St. George, UT aka a lot warmer, sunnier and a nice break from the winter gloominess of northern UT…unless you’re from Texas like Elizabeth. Then you’re freezing the whole time.


There are presentations, workouts and treats galore! It’s a ton of fun and the price includes entry into either the 5k or the half that takes place on Saturday. It really is like a 3 day party! Friends that I told about this last year, it’s time to start planning. Get excited. It’s going to be the weekend of a life time. Price increase in 11 days! Sign up now! (no, they’re not paying me to say this, I just really want you guys to come with me)


I took that picture while running the half. If the beauty of the red rock doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what more I can say.

That also means it’s time to get down to business and get more serious about training for that half! I hope my foot stops hurting so much after I run. I guess if all else fails I can do the 5K. My foot can put up with running for 3.1 miles at the least πŸ™‚

In other news, it’s already Friday! I could get used to this days off in the middle of the work week thing. What’s that? I get to do it again next week? Ok. If I have to πŸ˜‰

If you’re in your 20s (and even if you’re not) check out this website –> All Groan Up. It’s a website for 20-somethings and everyone in that stage between growing and grown up. or “groan” up as they like to say. But really though at what point am I officially a grown up? Maybe when I stop referring to other people as grown ups haha!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday. TGIF for sure! We working people need a break to recover from the Christmas festivities! πŸ˜‰

So…have you been to other running/fitness/blogging retreats that you loved?

Did you get the whole week off or just a few days?

What are you doing this weekend?

Prettiest Ski Day and the Countdown Begins!

Hello! Welcome to the post-Christmas world. How is everyone feeling? I had a really nice Christmas, so here are some pictures that I didn’t show you the last couple of days.

The treats I made for my coworkers. Super simple but always a big hit! Pretzel, rollo, M&M. Brilliance.


The night before Christmas Eve, I spent some time just enjoying the light of our Christmas tree. There’s something so calming about it. It’s one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time.


After I posted on Christmas Eve, I headed over to my parents. We all spent time together during the afternoon and then had our Christmas dinner. So delicious! I love our Christmas placemats too.


Then we had some delicious chocolate chess pies that my mom made from scratch. They were bomb.


Then after watching the Jim Carrey “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, we got our Β new Christmas pajamas. Then we read the Christmas story and headed off to bed.


Christmas morning we were up bright and early and headed up to the slopes for our annual family Christmas Day of skiing. It was a lot of fun and the weather was great.


The sky was completely clear, so looking over the mountain into other valleys was completely breathtaking. I seriously live in SUCH a beautiful place!!


Then when we got back we had some food before opening presents. It’s funny how even though I obviously still love that part of the day, it’s to the point where we can put it off until 4 PM and that’s ok. I remember when we had to wait until after skiing to open presents growing up and it was torture! haha! Yes, people, I think this means I’m growing up.

The night ended with a game of Monopoly that we actually were able to play all the way through to the end, houses, hotels and bankruptcies…the works! My sister kicked our trash. Also, we couldn’t find the dice so we just downloaded an app for it. haha!


All in all, it was a very nice Christmas season. But the festivities don’t stop there, people! New Year’s next week and my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY one month from yesterday. Yes, I’ll be bringing that up as often as possible. Let the countdown begin!

But for now it’s back to the grind. Off to work I go.

How was your Christmas?

Favorite thing you did or ate on Christmas Eve/Day?

Favorite Christmas tradition?

Western Girl Through and Through

Just a quick hello before I have to run off and get ready for the festivities! I still need to wrap my gifts for my family and go rent skis for tomorrow annual Family Christmas Ski Day. The slopes are completely empty on Christmas morning and Santa is always there handing out candy canes. Plus I have to prove to my dad that even though I haven’t skied since last Christmas, I’ve still got it πŸ˜‰

little ski

Oh Christmases of old…apparently I was NOT happy to be there that day haha!

I took this quiz by the New York Times on “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk”. So fun!! I’m speak most like people from Β Salt Lake City, UT (shocker..since that’s where I’ve lived the majority of my life), and Stockton and Modesto, CA. I’m a western girl through and through!

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 9.45.23 AM

Sorry to all you east coast and southerners. I may not know what the heck you’re talking about, but we can still be friends! Seriously though, some of the phrases the quiz asked me about I had never heard of in my life. I love things like this!

I ran 4.5 miles this morning and it felt great, though I did feel a little out of shape. But then my left arch hurt so badly afterward! I thought I had given my foot enough time to heal in September but ever since my marathon, whenever I run my foot hurts and today was worse than usual. I’m getting worried. What do you guys think?

Remember how I told you Christmas Eve is my favorite?! And now it’s here! Can’t wait for new PJs tonight (I keep calling them jammies and feel like I’m 5, so I’m trying to switch to PJs) and reading the Christmas story from the Bible. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I love that it’s a time when the spirit of Christ is felt all around.

I’ll try to post a picture from the slopes, but in case I don’t have reception, have a very Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

What are you family traditions for Christmas Eve/Day?

Take the quiz! What cities are you most similar to??

PJs, jammies, pajamas?? What do you call them?!

Wedding and Wham!

Yesterday was wonderful. It started out with Roommate Christmas. So fun! I was given this exercise top that I have had on basically every second I’ve been home since I got it. You guys it’s soo comfy! It even has thumb holes! How much better could it possibly get?!


Then I got to go to this lovely place for my cousin’s wedding. The snow made it extra pretty!


Yay for adding cousins to my family! I love my ever growing family. I’m so blessed to have a close extended family. And yes, the poor bride was freezing during the pictures. That’s what you get for getting married in December in Utah.


Some of the girls. We sure do know how to have a good time together!


After the ceremony, there was a luncheon, followed by the reception. I didn’t do much dancing (though my dad did try to teach my to salsa) and then the parents got into it. I love seeing my parents dance. So cute.


Finally, in honor of the fact that there are now 3 days until Christmas (!!!!), I’d like to share this very special video with you. I hope it helps you have a “Wham!”derful Christmas. πŸ˜‰

What was the last wedding you went to?

Do you like to dance? Any specific type of dancing you like to do?

Any Wham! fans??