A Compliment Challenge

Even though it’s really, really cold here now that the storm has passed (high in the teens!)  one thing we were really needing from the storm was the clean up all the gunk that had been building up in the air. Now I can breathe very nicely. Check out that beautiful, clean air!


Yesterday as I was looking for something to pack for lunch, I realized I had next to no food. That’s not even an exaggeration. I had nothing to bring for lunch. So I took a little lunch break and went to Paradise to grab a sandwich. The special yesterday was the Chicken Walnut sandwich, so I decided to get it. You guys, it rocked my little world. You HAVE to try it the next time you go there ok?? So good! I probably say this every time, but the free cookie also doesn’t hurt.


Something interesting happened yesterday at work that really got me thinking. It was a busy day, as all days right now are. It’s our busy season so all day I’m swamped. I had to ask one of the account managers a question but since she was out of the office on business, we were emailing back and forth. After I had received the information I needed from her, I thanked her and told her how easy she always is to work with. I went about my business not thinking twice because it was the truth and I didn’t say it expecting any response in return. This woman is always so sweet and kind and I know I never have to hesitate to ask her any questions I may have. Then I got a sweet email back from her that included the following sentence:

It takes a little comment like that to make me feel really good and make my day. 🙂

She then went on to thank me for my hard work and expressed her enjoyment in working with me, too.

Wow. I totally did not expect that at all! I made a small comment that had an impact on someone else’s day and had she not said something I never would have known. I don’t know if she was having a bad day and my comment helped her or if her day was just fine and it just made her feel good. But you never know what someone else is going through and how your actions will affect them, good or bad. I want to be the person that influences others’ days for the better. This experience made me want to be more aware of others and reminded me that when I have a compliment to give someone, that I should actually give it! How often do we think something nice about someone but we don’t say it? Why would you hold that back??


Our words are so powerful! If we have the ability to make someone’s day, to help them through life (which let’s be honest is hard in general but then gets REALLY hard when trials come along) then it’s our duty to use our power for good. It’s our responsibility to spread light in this world and in doing so help to dispel darkness.

Today I have a challenge for you. I challenge you not to hold back compliments today. If you think something nice about someone, and if the situation is appropriate for such an interaction, tell them! Then if someone compliments you, graciously thank them.

How is winter shaping up where you live?

Favorite place to eat lunch?

Who did you last sincerely compliment?


4 thoughts on “A Compliment Challenge

  1. That’s so great.. I love giving compliments. I am actually pretty good at doing that ( nothing like complimenting myself here haha!) but I do them without even thinking. I just say what I think, and go with it!

  2. Absolutely love this. I have challenged my students to do a compliment challenge before and it was so fun to hear how they interpreted it and who they chose to share their compliments with- many were strangers or people they’d admit they don’t thank or say nice things to enough…. like siblings!! 🙂

  3. I love this idea! I never hesitate to give praise where it’s due, especially at work. Whenever I do it it always goes a long way and makes both of us feel so much better! It’s awesome that you were able to make such an impact on her day!

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