Challenges Round 2 and Holiday Movie Musts

This weekend we got assigned new Elf Buddies for the second half of #Elf4Health! Mine is Laura and she sent me an nice email introducing herself on Sunday night. I have started to lose a little bit of momentum with it, so it’s nice to shake things up a bit!

Monday I woke up not feeling so great, so I chose to sleep instead of getting in Monday’s challenge of completing a circuit workout. Then today the challenge was to Pay It Forward. I saw SOOO many wonderful things being posted on the Facebook page. You people are amazing! I even teared up a little bit when reading some of them. I was also the lucky recipient of a very sweet gesture. You know who you are and thank you so much! It made my day!

My work is doing a Sub for Santa for two families and I signed up to get PJs and fuzzy socks for two girls in one of the families.


It was so fun to shop for them, but let’s be honest, I was walking around Target thinking “Are these cool? Will they want to wear them? What do 7 and 9 year olds like?? Maybe there’s a 9 year old around here that I can ask…..I’ll definitely include a gift receipt just in case” I’ve never helped with Sub for Santa before and I just love the thought that we’re helping to make the holidays a little bit brighter for someone else.

Speaking of, have all of you seen this video that’s gone viral? If not, you should watch it. Yes, this made me cry, too. You should know by now that it’s not hard to get the tears flowing for me.

So sweet and tender! Also pretty wicked awesome. I would have been a little upset if I had said something like socks and underwear! haha!

I’ve decided that between now and Christmas, I will share some of my favorite Holiday season musts. This posts is dedicated to Must Watch Holiday Movies:




You can mock me for this next one but it’s a tradition with one of my best friends from earliest college days.





Honorable mention also goes to:


how the grinch stole christmas


Hope your week is going great!! Half way to the weekend!

Elves, how are your challenges coming along??

What have you done to “Pay It Forward” lately?

What are your must watch movies of the holiday season??


12 thoughts on “Challenges Round 2 and Holiday Movie Musts

  1. I love the Christmas season – as it really allows me to teach my children about Charity and how to pay it forward. We were involved in a few this year – Santa for Seniors, Angel Tree, Crisis Pregnancy Centre – just to name a few. I feel like if you can – you should!

  2. You need Christmas Vacation on that movie list girl!!

    You are so amazing with your gift giving. You are going to be an answered prayer to some amazing little kids this Christmas!! Very inspiring… you are definitely paying it forward and changing lives! πŸ™‚

    I need to work on Paying it Forward. The fact that something didn’t come to me in the 5 seconds of writing this makes me angry at myself!! I need to pay it forward!!!! Thanks for the awareness!

    Stay warm and SAFE!!! ((good call on skipping the workout. Health first!!!!))

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