Would You Rather – Holiday Edition

Today I thought we could play a Holiday edition of Would You Rather…

Would you rather…go Christmas shopping for 24 hours straight or wrap presents for 24 hours straight?

Ugh. Wrap presents all the way!! Christmas shopping = shopping and lots of people = two things I really dislike.

shopping crowd

Would you rather…eat a piece of year old fruit cake or drink a rotten glass of eggnog?

I’m going to go with fruit cake. There’s just something about eggnog I just can’t stomach, even before it’s gone bad.


Would you rather…go caroling or on a sleigh ride?

Well, I don’t have the greatest voice but caroling has always sounded fun! and yes, I would request to wear an outfit like this…


Would you rather…go sledding or make a snowman?

Sledding! It’s so fun, plus it’s an awesome workout having to climb that hill 1 kajillion times.


Would you rather…have a white Christmas or a green Christmas?

White! This Utah girl can’t imagine a Christmas without snow! Even when we lived in Texas, we would come to Utah every year for Christmas to see family and to keep up our tradition of skiing on Christmas Day.


Would you rather…dress up for a whole day like Santa, an elf or a reindeer?

Elf for sure! I’m short, so it would fit perfectly. Yes I also realize the picture below is a child’s elf costume. It’s fine.


Would you rather…have a cup of hot chocolate or hot cider?

Hot chocolate for me!!


Would you rather…BE one of Santa’s elves or one of his reindeer?

I’m still sticking with elf here. How fun to make all the presents!!


Would you rather…celebrate ONLY on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, if you had to pick just one day?!

Christmas Eve!! I love Christmas Eve a lot more than Christmas Day. It’s when we read the Christmas story from the Bible as a family, we get our Christmas jammies, and there’s that magic and anticipation in the air that just seems to fizzle out really quickly on Christmas Day.


Would you rather…give up your stocking stuffers or your Christmas jammies?

Hmmm..this one is tough because I love, love getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve but I also love going through the stockings on Christmas morning! Hmmm…..ok this is really hard but for the sake of the game I’ll go with the stocking stuffers. (unless they’re really awesome. I just can’t commit on this one)


Pick one, two or as many of the questions to answer for yourself! Yay for the holidays!


12 thoughts on “Would You Rather – Holiday Edition

  1. haha love this!!! i will go for elf for the first one… but the thought of getting to be a reindeer and running on and off rooftops and sprinting around the world … that sounds like my dream job!!!
    eggnog=barf. for reals.
    And for SURE white christmas (and yes i like xmas eve better too :)) but i then like a warm HOTT christmas vacay a day or two later!

  2. I am so jealous you always get to have a white Christmas – here in Philly I can’t remember the last time we had one! It flurried a bit on Christmas Eve last year and I almost had a heart attack from the excitement! This year it is supposed to be in the 40s so once again no white Christmas 😦 On another note, I would totally love to be one of Santa’s reindeer!

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