Wedding and Wham!

Yesterday was wonderful. It started out with Roommate Christmas. So fun! I was given this exercise top that I have had on basically every second I’ve been home since I got it. You guys it’s soo comfy! It even has thumb holes! How much better could it possibly get?!


Then I got to go to this lovely place for my cousin’s wedding. The snow made it extra pretty!


Yay for adding cousins to my family! I love my ever growing family. I’m so blessed to have a close extended family. And yes, the poor bride was freezing during the pictures. That’s what you get for getting married in December in Utah.


Some of the girls. We sure do know how to have a good time together!


After the ceremony, there was a luncheon, followed by the reception. I didn’t do much dancing (though my dad did try to teach my to salsa) and then the parents got into it. I love seeing my parents dance. So cute.


Finally, in honor of the fact that there are now 3 days until Christmas (!!!!), I’d like to share this very special video with you. I hope it helps you have a “Wham!”derful Christmas. 😉

What was the last wedding you went to?

Do you like to dance? Any specific type of dancing you like to do?

Any Wham! fans??


6 thoughts on “Wedding and Wham!

  1. The last wedding that I went to was my best friend’s in October! Not sure when I’ll be going to another one. I love to dance, but I’m not good at it. It’s really fun, and even my boy likes to dance sometimes 🙂 (usually after he’s drinking). I love to Wobble…I’d paste a video here but the video is kind of inappropriate… but it shows the dance (which is not inappropriate) and I’m like a robot when it comes on. I have to do it!

  2. I have a wedding coming up in January! I won’t know hardly anyone there, but should still be a good time 🙂
    Love running tops with holes! Mine HAVE to have thumb holes…
    That church is GORGEOUS covered in snow! Like out of a fairy tale!!!

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