Cousin Time is Fun Time

Yesterday after work, I came home and did a quick 30 min Nike Training Club workout and then headed out the door to my cousins’!


We’ve been talking about having a Friends watching night for a long time and we actually had one planned a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn’t make it downtown due to a storm that came in that night. So last night we finally got together but of course we needed food, so we went to Pizzeria Limone.


I had never been there before. It’s not your usual pizza place. I like 2 of the 3 pizzas we got (they were small, don’t worry). I just couldn’t handle the lemon on the pizza. It was too much for me.


One of the fun things about watching Friends with two people who are just as obsessed with it as you are (maybe more so!) is that you can quote along with the show and nobody is annoyed at you. In fact, my cousin’s husband was quoting things I had never even noticed before! Talk about a fan!


We took a brief intermission to watch an episode of Legend of the Hidden Temple on Youtube because my cousin had never seen it before. I think she may have been too young for it when it was on the air. I LOVED this show growing up and always wanted to be on it! It was just as cool as I remembered and my cousin spent the rest of the night looking up other things about the show because she loved it so much.


Such a fun night! We’ll definitely be doing this again!

In other news, my Utah State Aggies won their bowl game for the 2nd year in a row for the first time EVER in program history! They even beat a ranked team. It’s always a good day to be an Aggie!


Hope you’re having a great and productive Saturday! I know I will!

Favorite Nickelodeon show growing up?

How have your teams done in their post-season games?

What are you up to today?


3 thoughts on “Cousin Time is Fun Time

  1. I loved “Hey Arnold!” and “Doug” when I was growing up. I liked “Legends of the Hidden Temple” but wasn’t obsessed with it. Today, I tried to do some speed work, but there was a lot of black ice around, so I called it a day and came indoors. Tonight, we have a family Christmas party 🙂

  2. My sons had a huge cousins day (pic on blog) so I’m so happy you did, too! Friends is a huge bonus (lemon on pizza?!?!?!).

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