Truth and Sisterhood

Today just felt like a Truth Tuesday so here are some of my recent truths:


  • Being a teacher is hard! I was helping my roommate do some grading last night (she’s a second grade teacher) and trying to decipher some of the writing and whether or not the kid had answered the question was really challenging! I felt like my college education was really put to work. Props to all the teachers out there! Then again, there was one thing they wrote that had me laughing so hard I cried. So it was all worth it.
  • My foot hurt for two days after running 6 miles on Saturday. I’m genuinely worried about being able to do the half and am thinking of emailing the She Runs people to ask them to switch me to the 5k. It makes me really sad.
  • I’m a wimp. My church group was going sledding last night and I was totally wanting to go. I love sledding. But when I walked out of work it was bitterly cold so I used that as an excuse to go get ice cream and stay home and watch a movie with my roommates instead. Oops?
  • I realized after a conversation with a friend last week that I haven’t done anything too adventurous or dangerous. How do I know? I’ve never broken a bone. Then again, I feel like boys do thinks to break bones more often than girls do. But that’s probably just me. I did slice my thumb open in the 5th grade while skiing! And sprained my wrist while skating in 6th grade. Does that count for anything??


Elizabeth nominated me yesterday for this Sisterhood award, so I thought I’d complete it since there aren’t that many questions 😉

Favorite Color: I have never been able to pick one favorite color! True story. It changes with my mood and I never know what to say! I usually end up saying either yellow, grey or blue. But even then I feel like I’m telling a half lie because it’s not my most favorite.

Favorite Animal: I love dogs. They win, hands down.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: water. I love love love love love x infinity water! Especially with a lemon slice or two.

Facebook or Twitter: Depends on what I’m looking for! I think Facebook wins but I do enjoy Twitter a lot.

Favorite Pattern: Of the moment? Polka dots. Adorable.

Favorite Number: 25! My birthday date, of course, because as you know I’m obsessed with my birthday. That means since I’m 25 this year, it’s going to definitely  be a baller year!

Favorite Flower: I honestly don’t have one. Growing up I used to say it was the Alyssum because it was close to my name.

What is your passion? Spending time with those I care about, sharing my love of fitness and health and striving to be more like the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I feel like after a couple of these are posted, most of the blogs I normally read have already been tagged. So instead for today’s questions, share a truth or answer one of the sisterhood questions!

Happy Tuesday!


17 thoughts on “Truth and Sisterhood

  1. I’ve never broken a bone, either 🙂 But I definitely take risks….I’ve dislocated a knee cap if that counts for anything?

    Truth: I was exhausted after my flight yesterday, but I didn’t really have a great break at home, so I immediately drove straight to see my friends in FL even though I wanted to go to bed. I didn’t even take my suitcases home first. It was worth it 🙂
    Passion: My passion is definitely the environment and teaching others to love it. Bam Bam said that he likes going places with me where I can teach him things (that just totally melted my heart) and I love inspiring future marine biologists 🙂

  2. Okay, I have somehow never broken a bone (I’ve sprained a ton of body parts multiple times though) and I think I’m pretty adventurous 🙂 But I totally get what you mean! Good luck with getting a bit more adventurous without ending up in the hospital!

  3. Polka dots and chevron…. LOVE 🙂
    Also, yes, teachers work is very hard. Thank you for including that in your truths because it DEFINITELY is a true statement! ❤

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