Wednesday Wonderfuls

I have to start with one not so wonderful thing because it’s too awful not to share. I went grocery shopping last night and the store was OUT OF AVOCADOS! What?!! Yeah, that happened! My little heart broke. Mostly because now I don’t have avocado and a little bit because I wasn’t able to check everything off my grocery list.

Now the wonderfuls:

My dinner Sunday night. Yum! Simple but satisfying.


This video some of my friends from college made. haha! These boys crack me up.


My schedule changed at work and I now have more coaching hours. Blessing! This will give me more availability for new clients and give more the ability to take of the ones I already have.

This made me laugh pretty hard. Also it’s true. But it should say froyo.


Speaking of delicious things, I’m obsessed with these cake balls.


Last night at Target I found my old boss’s doppleganger. I post this only for the benefit of those of you who know her. Also to show you that I would be the worst stalker ever. It took me forever to get this sneaky picture and it’s blurry. But good enough.


This. Because we all need the reminder from time to time.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

What are you Wednesday Wonderfuls?

If you had to choose, cake ball or cupcake?

Do you have a doppleganger? I have to yet find mine.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderfuls

  1. That school started Monday and I have yet to have a class yet 🙂 I would much rather have a cupcake lol. I once saw my doppleganger when I was younger in a flyer but who knows if we ended up looking the same!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cake ball…I am so deprived 😦 I do love cupcakes though, with lots of frosting! i used to be Justin Bieber’s doppleganger, but now that my hair is longer…I’ll have to find a new one!

    My Wednesday Wonderful is just the fact that I’m back in Florida. Honestly, it’s strange, but my happiness infinitely increased when I stepped off the plane on Monday night. I think it’s safe to say that Florida is my home now..

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