A Saturday Tale

Once upon a time, 3 girl set out on what they thought would be a simple “donate an old bed and go pick up a new bed” errand. What they didn’t know is that they were about to embark on an adventure!

After donating said old bed, the girls found out they couldn’t donate the mattress, so they had to go out to the county landfill to get rid of it.

Good bye old mattress.


The girls felt like they were in a scene from “The Birds”, so they left the landfill as quickly as was legally possible.


Finding that the first leg of their journey had left them famished, they stopped for some much needed sustenance. And it was delicious.


Unaware of the troubles ahead, the three girls then continued on with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts.


All seemed to be going well until it came time to tie down the new bed into the truck. It was windy. It was freezing…


And the bungee cords were totally and completely tangled. Also, Girl developed a double chin. It was a rough time all around.


After 1 hour of detangling, high winds, a celebratory treat pit stop, and a total of about 5 hours…Girl’s roommate’s new bed is finally in her room. New sheets and all! Because of course after they got home, the girls had to then go to Target for new bedding. They also went to Home Depot and felt validated to be there, as they had taken on some manly tasks that day.

The three girl felt very accomplished indeed. The End.

Tell me a story of your Saturday!


4 thoughts on “A Saturday Tale

  1. when we were moving into our house we just put our mattress in a flat bed trailer. We didn’t even think of tying it down, well said wind picked up and the mattress flew out onto the freeway!!! It was a horrible experience haha

  2. Nothing exciting for me, happy to sit around with chili and a movie after being out of the house all week for a conference. You should’ve seen my husband and I moving into our house btw, they put beds in the wrong rooms so we that to switch them ourselves and our hallway is like 2ft across then a flight of stairs. I thought I was going to be pinned at the bottom by my bed for the vast majority of our attempt.

  3. Sounds like quite an adventure! Well nothing exciting happened yesterday but today we went to the San Diego Zoo! We have a yearly membership so we are trying to get a good start to the year. My son, 2 yr, had the best time. The older he gets the more fun it is to take him places… Obviously 🙂

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