My people are good people

A quick little catch up:

Tuesday night I went bowling with a group of friends. So. Dang. Fun! Even though I was probably the worst one there (no exaggeration). Also the place was kind of sketchy but $7 for shoes and 3 games? Can’t beat that!


Wednesday is my family’s anniversary. It’s the day my parents were married and I’m so very grateful they made that decision. I love them so much!


Deb and I also went shopping for our Gold themed birthday party that is TONIGHT! It’s my golden birthday this year, so the party is gold themed. It’s been so fun to plan. Here is some of the food we bought…all gold of course.


Then last night we started decorating. Here’s a sneak peek for you!


I love mine and Deborah’s combined birthday party. This is our 5th year putting one on and it’s always a blast. Hopefully this year it still is, even though we’ve moved to a new city. It will be an great mix of old and  new friends.

I just wanted to take a second and tell you two stories from this week to illustrate how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. I think it’s soo important to surround yourself with good people, those who will inspire you to be a better person. So I want to brag about my friends for a bit, as I’ve found myself feeling so grateful to have them in my life.

Tuesday night after bowling, we went to to a place to get some food because of course the boys were hungry. There was this sweet old man running the place and it was close to closing time. He brought all of our food out, he brought us all waters and was so, so nice. My friends decided we should leave him a tip, even though this wasn’t the type of establishment where you get served or you tip anyone. By the time we had all put money on the table there was around $20. I’m pretty sure we didn’t even spend that much on our food.


Then Wednesday night, Deborah and I were leaving a religion class we’re taking and an older lady (who we found out later is from Tonga) was asking people as they left if they were going downtown. She had missed her bus and needed to get down to her next job. Well, the people that attend the class we were at all live pretty close to the church building, which was at least 20-25 minutes from downtown. Nobody was going to be heading down there to go home. As we left, Deb looked at me and said “We should give her a ride, huh?” So we turned around and went and told her we would take her downtown, which ended up taking about an hour out of our night. But it was awesome and interesting to talk to her as we drove her to her next stop for the night.

These are the types of people I love to have around. They lift me up (thank you, Josh Groban), they really do make me want to be a better person and they spread love and joy in the world. I want to be more like my friends. I want to be that friend to others.

What have I missed from your life? Catch me up!

Who are some of the good people in your life?


6 thoughts on “My people are good people

  1. This morning I had a flat tire pulling out of the driveway to take Gabe to soccer. Glenn doesn’t drive so we only have one car. I had one friend offer to loan me her car and another friend (both soccer moms) drove 15 minutes one way out of the way (and was in danger of being late to the game) to come and pick up Gabe to take him to the tournament. Good people make life so much easier for everyone around them.
    Good call on sharing both of your stories tonight. I think hearing things like that pokes and prods us to do the same for others.

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