It’s Just the Truth

Thanks so much for your kind words. It really does suck to have to change race distances but I know it’s for the best. I really do need to get in to see a doctor!


Now for some Truth Tuesday:

  • I hate going to sleep with the closet door anything but firmly closed. So it’s really freaking me out that I accidentally took one half of my closet door off the track and can’t get it back on. The bad guys are going to get me!
  • Speaking of the bad guys, I have to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door. Because obviously that’s safer.
  • I’m an emotional eater. So the last couple of days have been less than healthy. I really need to get back on track.
  • It’s driving me crazy not being able to run. I really need to run some stress off and I hate that I need to save my foot. But I guess I kind of need it long term to keep running.
  • I just found out that avocados are technically fruit. So are tomatoes, but I already knew that.
  • At my birthday party on Friday, I had cousins from both sides attend and they were all the hit of my party. Everyone loved them. I officially have the coolest family ever.
  • Sometimes I miss working for a state run institution. Like one that would make it so that I would have MLK day off of work.
  • I just dropped a ton of money fixing my car. It hurts. But it sucked worse not having my own transportation for two days. #firstworldproblems
  • I have a couple of giveaways in the works and I’m excited to get them to you! (I know, I’m such a tease)
  • One time I was walking home from school, carrying my violin as usual, when an older lady rolled down her window, pointed at me and said longingly “I used to play the violin!”. I remember thinking how sad that “used to” sounded. Now that’s me. I used to play the violin. and it makes me sad.
  • 4 days… 🙂 I may or may not have told someone on the phone at work yesterday that I’m 25. Close enough…
  • My mom took me to lunch yesterday and then asked if I wanted to walk next door and get a little cake to share. Um, yeah I did. She then ordered my favorite flavor. She’s the best mom ever.


Your turn! Share some truth!


20 thoughts on “It’s Just the Truth

  1. The closet monsters are REAL. Get that door fixed, girlie!
    I worked yesterday, but not for very long. 🙂
    I used to play the flute.
    Also, you are awesome, and about to be one year awesomer!

  2. Tyler always has to sleep closest to the door because he says he wants to be killed first if an intruder came in. Hahaha so apparently your rationale is completely normal 🙂

  3. I HAVE to sleep with my bedroom door closed even though there’s no one else in the house. Bam Bam used to hate it when I would make him get out of bed and close the door. I have bronchitis, but because I woke up this morning and was actually kind of hungry (the first time I’ve been hungry in days), I decided to try and run. I made it 2.1 miles before I started wheezing and then .3 miles more until I felt like I was suffocating.

  4. I used to have a dressing/closet room and at the end of it there was a mirrow. For some weird reason my bed was in front of the door of this dressing roon and of course in front of the mirror. … I was absolutely terrified of sleeping with the door open ….

    25 years old is the age were you know what you don’t want from a guy ^^ enjoy this age is amazing how many things change.

    I really enjoy your blog !

  5. Haha I also have to keep my closet closed AND I always make my husband sleep closest to the door no matter where we sleep! He just sighs and says “Fine” but I think he’s secretly scared like me 🙂 Jk!

  6. mmmm, yum! Nothing Bundt Cakes are amazing! Their red velvet is so good! And I feel the same way about playing the French Horn… I played from 5th-12th grade and I miss it so much. My horn is at my parent’s house so when we were there for Christmas I played it every day!

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