She is the Champion…my friends…

Yesterday was a great day. I ran AGAIN with minimal pain! It felt soooo good! How fast do you think I can get before my 5k next Saturday?? haha I know, I know. I need to be careful not to injure my foot again (or more). It’s just so exciting to be able to run I have to remind myself not to push it. I can’t wait to start being able to do more speed work and long runs. I’ve really missed it. Running is my happy place.

Oh yeah, this is me taking a creepy picture of Deborah right before we started our run. I thought she’d appreciate it.


Reason #2 it was a great day: I remembered that I had a coupon for a free bowl from Noodles and Co for my birthday! Woohoo! You get $9 worth of credit, so I got the big Penne Rosa and added grilled chicken. It was delicious. Also, I only ate half and left the rest at work for lunch today. So. Dang. Happy. I think things taste even better when they’re free.


Notice that I can’t exchange this coupon for a unicorn.

I also won the dart tournament my friends and I had yesterday. Please notice that none of the boys even made it passed the first round. That’s my only comment on that 😉


We also played this Lightening Game a few times. I did it twice and it was not nearly as fun as darts…and much more painful. Everyone holds on to their own buzzer and when the music stops and the light in the middle turns green, you have to press your buzzer and the last one to press it gets zapped! See for yourself…

Good times. And now TGIF!! Only 6 more sleeps until She Runs! Happy last day of January!

What was your workout today?

Have you ever played Lightening?

Any fun Friday night plans??


12 thoughts on “She is the Champion…my friends…

  1. glad you are able to run! I’m still taking it easy since the marathon and trying to give my shins a break.
    lol i don’t think I’d want to get zapped playing lightning..too nerve wracking for me! though that’s probably more exciting than what I’m doing tonight….laying in bed, sick with a cold, looking for a movie to watch -___-

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