Help a sister (mine!) out!

Wow busy weekend! I always look forward to the weekends so that I can “relax” but let’s be honest, I feel like I never slow down. Great news! It snowed some on Saturday, which was great because the air here needed some serious help! The pollution was so, so bad.


Of course I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. My friend had a big party. This picture captures maybe half the actual number of people there. There was another TV set up in another room. It was a fun mix of Sea Hawks and Broncos fan. The game (as you know may well know) was boring but the food and the company were good.


I love football, but I don’t watch much professional football. This year though, I did want the Sea Hawks to win because two former USU Aggies play on the team. It was fun to see them play and win!! So shout out to Robert Turbin and Bobby Wagner. You’ve done the Aggie family proud!


Now here is where audience participation comes into play this week: my little sister is participating in the Miss USU pageant next week (Miss Science! That’s my sister!) and she needs you to watch her video!! The one with the most views by the pageant next week wins the People’s Choice award. It’s only 32 seconds, so take a gander and help her out! Please and thank you.

On another note, I did make it to the gym yesterday for a quick workout on that swishy machine that’s like an elliptical but the arms don’t move….anyone know the actual name?? It was short but intense and I was sweating bullets. I love a good, sweaty workout. I’ll be going for a run today. Can’t wait!

2 more days til She Runs. So.Dang.Excited. Stephanie and I are going to have a blast!!!

Favorite Super Bowl foods? 7 Layer Dip. hands down.

Best thing about Tuesday?

Random: asparagus or brussel sprouts? (I hate them both)


3 thoughts on “Help a sister (mine!) out!

  1. 7 layer! Me too! It’s the only “naughty” food I ate on Sunday!
    Tuesday is Lose-Day, the day the contestants in my weight loss competition check in, so it’s fun to see people’s progress.
    Asparagus is yummier –steamed, boiled, grilled, roasted, raw chopped in salads, in omelettes, etc…, but I love roasted brussel sprouts too. I have both in my fridge now.

  2. Oh I love that 7 Layer Dip too! It is so good and has my favorites guacamole and salsa! Best thing about Tuesday is it is one day closer to friday 🙂 I love asparagus and brussel sprouts but this winter I have become in love with brussel sprouts hands downs!

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