girl’s races

Here is my list of races that I hope to be continually adding to. Check back to see what race I have in store for my next running adventure!


8/27/2011   Top of Utah Half Marathon   2:05:28.3

8/25/2012   Top of Utah Half Marathon   1:57:33

2/23/2013   She Runs Retreat Half Marathon (St. George)   2:03:32.2

3/27/2013   Prey vs Predator 5k 28:11

6/15/2013   Drop 13 Half Marathon 1:49:49.2 ** PR

7/4/2013     Blacksmith Fork 15k Freedom Run 1:20:58

9/14/2013   Big Cottonwood Marathon   4:29:39.0

2/8/2014 She Runs: Run Like a Girl 5k TBA


4 thoughts on “girl’s races

  1. Congratulations on your races, and your determination to get after it! You mention a “quest to be a runner.” Out of curiosity, who is this “runner” you’re striving to be? Seems to me you’re pretty dedicated to the sport already 😉

  2. I ran the TOU Half last year too and I am planning on the Drop 13 in June as well! One thing I love about races in Utah: so many start up a canyon and you just run down. Let gravity do its thing. 🙂

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