My bibs have a home now

Deborah made this for me for my birthday. How sweet is she?! Plus I love the title on it!!! Now I finally have somewhere to display my bibs that I never know what to do with after the race. haha Now I just need a medal holder to put with it and I can have a whole wall dedicated to running 🙂


Last night I had an activity with the ladies at church and we had to bring 3 things that represent us as a “get to know you” activity. Here’s what I ended up bringing…


  •  Pride and Prejudice: Of course this is one of my all time favorite books! I love Jane Austen. I grew up quite the book worm and though I don’t read as much as I used to, it still brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Reading takes me to a place where nobody can get to me…a little bit like running.
  • Big Cottonwood Marathon Medal: Running is kind of important to me (weird, right?). It’s my therapy, my escape, my source of power, calm, strength and peace. This medal in particular is huge for me, since it’s from my first (and currently only) marathon, which was the hardest physical challenge I have ever done. My love of running unites me with friends I never would have met otherwise and helps me to feel more confident in myself and my body.
  • Figurine: This was a gift from my high school best friend, Stacey. I sure do miss that girl. I get to see her and her adorable new baby (and 2 year old first baby!) next week!! When it comes to the people I care about I am fiercely loyal. I am also an introvert, so I derive my energy from alone time or time with small groups of people. I really love one on one time and really enjoy having deep conversations with friends and family.

Now for some great things from the interweb that I thought all of you should know about:

Why 30 is NOT the New 20 : FANTASTIC Ted Talk. Seriously listen to it right now. Love it!

This kid called 911 for help with his math homework. The mom’s reaction at the end is the best!!

30 Instagram Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with Sugar Land: My family and I lived in Sugar Land, TX (suburb of Houston) for a time and these photos brought back some fond feelings in my heart. I definitely did not appreciate it for all its beauty when I was there. I was too busy being a grumpy teenager who was forced to move to a new state for senior year. I sure missed out.

I did a very short circuit workout yesterday, but I did clean my room and finally put away all of my Christmas (yes…Christmas) and birthday presents, so that felt good. Today I’m going to try running and see how far I can go while not pushing my foot too hard. NEXT WEEK I go to the She Runs retreat and I have that 5k, amongst other fabulous fitness classes and activities. I don’t want to get more hurt and then not be able to participate.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

How do you display your medals and bibs? My medals are currently hanging off my bookshelf.

What are 3 items that would describe YOU??